Eric Briggs and Samantha Hohenshil

  • July 28, 2017
    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Since meeting during their production of bare: a pop opera back in 2011, long-time musical colleagues and friends Eric Briggs and Samantha Hohenshil have performed together on a wide variety of stages: theaters, concert halls, competition venues, and countless karaoke bars! And now, after years of anticipation, they’re finally coming together on the stage at Davenport’s! In their first full-length duo show, Eric and Samantha dim the lights on the bold performances of their musical past and explore the distinctive, mellow sounds of the acoustic guitar. Featuring the pickings of the talented Andy Masters, “Unplugged” showcases the wide versatility of the acoustic style and pulls songs from a broad musical spectrum, with selections from country, classic rock, pop, and even the musical theatre of the duo’s roots! After dozens of requests and six years in the making, this is a one-time performance you do not want to miss!

2 Drink Minimum

Ages 21+



Venue Phone: 773-278-1830

Venue Website:

1383 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60622, United States

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