Tyler Anthony Smith – Mein Comps

  • February 25, 2019
    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Mein Comps is a gaaaaay fantasia on irrational international themes, in a which a certain diva- dictator sells discounted theatre tickets. Mhmm. It is written by and stars the shrewd, undomesticated Tyler Anthony Smith (@tyreranfernee), who is absolutely composed of several rabid woodland creatures and glitter/fake grapes found on the floor of a Jo-Ann Fabrics.

It’s just another typical day for Adolf Moira Angela Hitler. Hungover. Sore. Constantly on the phone, dealing with fools who want orchestra seats to Cats at bargain prices. But wires are crossed when a mysterious customer from a month ago wedges his way into our fabulous trainwreck of a leading man’s heart. Will Mademoiselle Hitler end his streak of sleeping around and settle down? Will he sober up in time to remember that today’s the day he has an audition for the role of Amanda in yet another revival of The Glass Menagerie? Are you more confused now than when you started reading this semi-synopsis?

“The most provocative performance of the evening was Tyler Anthony Smith in the role of iconoclastic aspiring actor Adolf Moira Angela Hitler in Mein Comps. The character’s cripplingly vulnerable diva-dictator fusion played like cleverly-obscured satire on the current U.S. President.” – Russ Bickerstaff, Shepherd Express

“Smith’s work is fascinating to me. The rest of the audience loved it as comedy. I loved it as drama. The Todd Wehr was electrified with laughter, but… honestly I didn’t find it at all funny. I might have been the only one in the entire theatre who wasn’t laughing, though. So by the standards of the audience in question, he’s objectively funny. But I didn’t laugh. But I loved the show. I’ve never been so captivated by a comedy that I didn’t even find remotely funny.” – also Russ Bickerstaff, The Small Stage

Directed by Tom Mula

Ages 21+

$12 + 2 drink minimum

PLEASE NOTE: This show and its participants do not have any positive affiliations with Nazism, fascism, etc. Contains strong language and themes, a brief moment in skivvies, mimicking of drug and alcohol usage. Email tylerantsmith@gmail.com for additional warnings.



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1383 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60622, United States

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